Monday, March 1, 2010

Compare and contrast between hurricanes and tornadoes

As you can see this table is showing two things which are hurricanes and tornadoes. Now in this essay I’m going to explain and to write about the differences and the similarities between them.

First of all there are very few similarities between the tornadoes and the hurricanes. One of these similarities is both of them will damage and will coast very high amounts to repair every thing to make it the same as before it hit the towns and villages. One more similarity is neither hurricanes nor tornadoes can be controlled.

There is a lot of differences in this table which are the minimum wind speed of the tornadoes is 40 mph where as a hurricane is minimum wind speed is more than the tornadoe's by 30 mph, but the maximum wind speed of the tornadoes is from 250 to 300 mph while the hurricanes' maximum wind speed is from 155 to 200 mph. One more difference is that the tornadoes can hit for 20 minutes or less but the hurricanes can hit between 2 to 3 days for a wind area but it can usually be predicted more exactly where hurricanes will hit 6-10 hours beforehand.

Finally, as you can see this table is showing a lot of details for the tornadoes and hurricanes.

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